Jackie Chan's ex-lover Elaine Ng shares cigarette with 16-year-old daughter

Netizens are shocked after Jackie Chan's ex-lover Elaine Ng was photographed sharing a cigarette her daughter 16-year-old Etta Ng recently, and have even gone so far to accuse her of child abuse.

According to JayneStars, Etta posted the photo on her social media.

She wrote in her post: "My mother is a wonderful influence."

The post sent shockwaves and even caught the attention of the media as the minimum legal smoking age in Hong Kong is 18 years old.

It remains unclear whether the incident was merely a joke but the photo still brought many to question Elaine's parenting style.

Elaine gave birth to Etta after having a scandalous affair with Jackie Chan in the 1990s.

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