Jamie Yeo confirms birth of baby boy who arrived 'a little early'

PHOTO: Instagram/iamjamieyeo

Local celebrity Jamie Yeo, 39, confirmed the birth of her son in an Instagram post earlier today (Sep 24).

Luke was born almost a month ago on Aug 29, "a little early at 35 weeks, but healthy and at a respectable 2.35kg", said the television host.

She shared a picture of her and her 38-year-old husband, Rupert, looking down upon their newborn son, and wrote: "After 3 weeks getting spoilt by the amazing world class nurses and docs in the HD ward of SGH our little man Luke is finally home!"

Yeo, who announced that she had gotten married and was five months pregnant earlier in June, also expressed her gratitude for the medical personnel who attended to her during her month-long hospitalisation.

She added: "Special mention to Prof Yong Tze Tein! We could not have asked for a cooler or more competent gynea!

"Now we're finally looking forward to bonding time at home for all the family."

Jamie Yeo finds love on Tinder

  • Love is in the air for Jamie Yeo, who got to know her current boyfriend after two weeks on the dating app Tinder.
  • In an interview with 8 Days magazine, the Gold 905FM DJ revealed that her boyfriend of six months is Rupert, a 38-year-old British expat working at a consultancy firm.
  • Yeo, who is also a TV host, said that they only met eight months after connecting through Tinder in 2015.
  • During that eight months, the former Growing Up actress was dating someone else.
  • While Yeo, who will turn 40 years old this year, shared that Rupert wants to marry her this year, she did not divulge any more details.
  • She also told the weekly magazine that she was straightforward in her Tinder profile and made no attempts to hide her celebrity or single-mother status.
  • Yeo has a daughter with Thorsten Nolte, a British expatriate whom she divorced in Feb 2015. Before Nolte, Yeo was married to SPH DJ Glenn Ong.
  • Yeo isn't the first local celebrity to venture into dating apps. Actress-model Sheila Sim, who will be marrying this year, also met her fiance on a dating app.

Yeo had earlier revealed that she met Rupert, a British expatriate who works at a consultancy firm, on Tinder and said yes to his proposal after eight months of dating.

She has a daughter, Alysia, from her second marriage to British expatriate Thorsten Nolte.

She first married to radio host Glenn Ong in 2004, before they split in 2009.

Peek inside Jamie Yeo's 2-bedroom condo home

  • When it came to renovating her two-bedroom condominium apartment at Sunset Way, radio DJ Jamie Yeo wanted a functional and child-friendly home, where she could spend quality time with her six-year-old daughter.
  • The living room, where mother and daughter hang out a lot, was extended into the balcony to make room for a larger play area.
  • The furnishings chosen are easy to maintain, functional and affordable, which meant Yeo had to forgo the $4,000 sofa she had in mind for a $600 one from Ikea.
  • A wise choice, perhaps, since she says her daughter Alysia, who loves to draw, had already left some marks on the wooden Crate and Barrel table in the living room, for which she paid $1,500.
  • "I was considering a $4,000 couch, but I decided against it as it was difficult to keep clean. I'm glad I made practical decisions for my furnishings - kid-friendly was what I wanted."
  • The apartment is done up in the Scandinavian style - with white walls and wood accents - as Yeo finds the style cosy.
  • The original yellow-orange wall in the living room was replaced with a white brick feature wall.
  • The wall separating the kitchen and living room was hacked and sliding glass doors were installed in its place, which helps open up the apartment.
  • Just outside the kitchen doors stands a white bookshelf that stores cookbooks, children's books, board games and bottles of wine.
  • In the kitchen, dark tiles with plain-looking white cabinets made way for grey subway tiles and wooden countertops.
  • Her partner and her helper also live in the 1,200 sq ft apartment. Alysia's father is Yeo's ex-husband, Englishman Thorsten Nolte, whom she divorced last year.
  • She moved in on Christmas Eve in 2015 after a two-month renovation, which cost about $85,000.