Japanese breakdancer wins regional competition

FUKUOKA, Japan - A Japanese breakdancer has spun and somersaulted his way into the sport's global finals to be staged in South Korea next month after winning a regional competition on home soil.

Noritoshi "Nori" Kikuchi showed off a series of downrocks, power moves and freezes to emerge victorious at the "Red Bull BC One" contest held inside a historic Shinto shrine in the southern city of Fukuoka on Saturday.

The knockout tournament featured 16-elite dancers from several countries, including Japan and South Korea, squaring-off on a circular stage as dance music blared out and 1,000 spectators cheered on.

"This is a boxing ring and I came here to win," Nori said after his victory, sporting a black t-shirt and flat-brimmed baseball cap in a trademark hiphop style.

"When it comes to competitions, I fight. I gave it all I had today," he said.

The world finals will take place on November 30 in Seoul, according to organisers.