Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan mark anniversary, his birthday on quiet note

There was much jubilation in the fan world of Jay Chou when he tied the knot with Hannah Quinlivan in a fairy-tale wedding a year ago, one day before he turned 36.

But it seemed to be a placid affair for the king of MandoPop and his wife as they marked their first anniversary and his 37th birthday on Sunday and Monday respectively.

Perhaps, they have slipped into a more settled relationship as husband and wife, and as parents.

And maybe they wanted some peace and privacy - especially for the shyer Quinlivan - after the brouhaha over their baby daughter Hathaway after Chou shared photos of her on his Weibo account in November last year.

The celebrity had a simple celebration with some pals on Monday instead of a grand bash. Quinlivan, 22, a Taiwanese-Australian actress and model, posted three pictures of the gathering on her Weibo account.

One shot shows the celebrity couple with a cream cake topped with cherries. The other two photos sees Chou with the group without Quinlivan - perhaps she was the one behind the camera.

Obviously still very much in love, Quinlivan penned her affection for her husband in one photo caption: "Jay: The theme of these pictures is - I love Jay."

She also noted how happy he seemed.

"I wonder what you were wishing for that made you so happy," she wrote.

She added that Chou was supposed to shut his eyes while making this third wish, but she couldn't tell whether he did it.

Undoubtedly, her post showed they're still in their sweet honeymoon phase. Fans responded to her post with happy wishes for her and the couple.


Ever the supportive wife, she put up a video clip of Kung Fu Panda 3 on her Weibo account on January 20.

Chou is one of the two singers of its theme song. He is also voicing the character 'Monkey' in the Chinese version of the new movie.

Meanwhile, his students and industry proteges gave him a surprise birthday greeting in cyberspace.

They cobbled together a mashup 'Happy Birthday' in a video and put it on his Facebook page.