Jay Chou could stop performing to prevent daughter from joining entertainment industry

PHOTO: YouTube screengrabs, Mingpao

He may be the king of Mandopop, but Jay Chou is adamantly against the idea of his daughter entering the entertainment industry.

He would even be willing to take up a behind-the-scenes role so that his daughter would not be attracted by the bright lights of showbusiness, he has reportedly said.

Chou recently released the music video for his new song 'Lover from the Past', which features an appearance by 10-month-old Hathaway Chou. She can be seen playing a few notes on an electronic mini-keyboard, and the same notes were used as part of the song's tune.

Chou reportedly told the media that he planned to allow his daughter to take up piano and ballet lessons in the future.

"This will allow us to have common interests. If I'm working on a song, she will understand what I am talking about and will be able to help me," he said.

However, he admitted that while there were no concrete plans yet, he would gradually move away from performing into behind-the-scenes roles, such as directing, as his daughter grows up.

He added that he might follow the footsteps of other entertainers such as Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung, who reduced their public performances after having children.

He also said that he wanted Hathaway to be educated in Taiwan when she grows older, and would personally send his daughter to school.

Meanwhile, Chou also revealed that he was hoping to have a son soon, as he did not want his daughter to be an only-child like him.

"A younger brother to protect his older sister is not a bad idea," he said.

He also admitted to feeling a little jealous when his little girl first shouted "Mama" recently.

However, he soon consoled himself, explaining: "I had a bet with my wife on who she would call first. My wife thinks she has won, but Hathaway was only making a sound to signal that she was hungry."


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