Jolin Tsai fell on stage during KL concert

Braving a heavy downpour was a small price to pay for Jolin Tsai fans who have waited eagerly for four years for the Taiwanese pop sensation to perform on Malaysian shores again.

Over 11,000 of the pop star's hardcore fans thronged Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur on July 16 equipped with raincoats, PLAY glow sticks and handmade signboards to show their love and support for the pop singer.

Though Tsai's PLAY World Tour started almost an hour late, the crowd kept their enthusiasm and anticipation to the maximum level.

Just slightly before the clock struck nine, the Taiwanese pop diva emerged on stage donning a one-of-a-kind Medusa snake-headed headpiece, and kicked-off her energy-filled concert with her first song - (surprise, surprise) Medusa.

I'm pretty sure many went home that night with sore and scratchy throats as the crowd was in a constant state of wild screaming frenzy throughout the concert.

There was a moment of worry when the Taiwanese pop diva, who was wearing sky-high heels slipped and fell on the rain-drenched stage seconds into her fifth song I'm Not Yours.

But the ever professional pop sensation remained calm, unfazed even, and maintained her composure as she continued belting out the song as if nothing had happened, while her all-male dance troupe continued to pull off some very hot and sassy dance moves.

Towards the middle of the show, the entertainer invited the fans to sing along to old classics such as I Know You Are Feeling Blue and Sky, thanking them for their loyal support after all these years.

When the pop star was not working the crowd, Tsai spared a few moments to reach out to her adoring fans, telling them about her trip back here and how touched she was when she saw all their lovely signboards from stage.

The 35-year-old singer also orchestrated a photo session with her fans from stage using a GoPro camera.

It was also nice to see Tsai demonstrate the makings of a true lady as she gracefully introduced her talented dancers, allowing each them to show off their own sassy and impressive dance moves.

I must say, it was pretty impressive how Tsai managed to keep the concert upbeat and fun for her fans for almost three hours.

In fact, it seemed like the ending of the concert got even more energetic towards the end!

Perhaps the only disappointment was the lack of an encore, but surely the crowd can't be too bummed about that, after sitting a show that had more than 30 songs, and in which Tsai truly lived up to her nickname of Asia's Madonna.