Jolin Tsai stuns Kaohsiung audiences for 3 days in world tour

Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai brought an international team to Kaohsiung to perform three days in a row.
PHOTO: Instagram/jolin_cai

TAIPEI — Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai recently brought an international team of dancers and technicians to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, to perform three days in a row for her Ugly Beauty 2020 World Tour.

The 40-year-old singer had designed the Kaohsiung Exclusive Ugly Beauty 2.0 Plan for the Kaohsiung concert that unfolded over the weekend.

A giant crown, a prop which cost NT$6 million (S$280,000), opened the first show on Friday (Nov 20), becoming the biggest highlight of the concert.

Her manager revealed that Jolin was very nervous about the show because she hadn’t performed in front of a large crowd since her Taipei Arena’s concert last year.

On the third day of her concert, she also invited Taiwanese hip-hop group MJ116 to perform their hit songs Hot Chick, Big Thing, and PLAY.

Speaking during her performance, she said: “It’s been 21 years since my debut, so that’s pretty good. I’ve had a lot of time off this year, and I’m 40 years old. It’s great to be 40.”

“I feel darn good,” she exclaimed.

Among other highlights, she also donned the dress she wore at last year’s Taipei concert — the same one that Taiwanese singer-songwriter Wu Tsing-Fong teasingly called an Emirates flight attendant's uniform.

Jolin jokingly said: “The stewardess is back at work!”

She will perform again at the Kaosiung Arena for the Ugly Beauty 2020 World Tour from Nov 27 to 29.