'The Journey' is Malaysia's No. 1 local film of all-time

PETALING JAYA - Chiu Keng Guan's The Journey reportedly broke the all-time Malaysian box-office record for a local film, grossing a total of RM12.92million (S$4.99million) as of Sunday.

The announcement was made via a statement on the movie's Facebook page (thejourney.my) at 5pm on Monday, which said: "The Journey has become Malaysia's No. 1 local movie when it achieved highest box office sales of RM12.92million as at 23 Feb 2014."

"We thank you for all your support in being part of this historical moment."

Presented by Astro Shaw and produced by Woohoo Pictures, The Journey broke the RM11.74million record held by KL Gangster since 2011.

Starring Lee Sai Peng, Joanne Yew Hong Im, and Ben Andrew Pfeiffer, the movie tells a heart warming tale about a conservative father who gives in to his daughter's wish to marry a foreigner on one condition - that the groom-to-be takes a journey with him around the country to hand out the wedding invitations personally.