Just tacky: Nothing 'creative' or 'genius' about Kanye West's video Bound 2

Just tacky: Nothing 'creative' or 'genius' about Kanye West's video Bound 2

Kanye West has been incessantly telling people - or reminding himself - that he is a "creative genius" like no other.

But where is the "creative" element or the "genius" behind the controversial US hip hop star's latest music video Bound 2?

He jumps on the NSFW (not suitable for work) bandwagon and treads the same ground as Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines and Justin Timberlake's Tunnel Vision "naked girls" music videos.

Bound 2 features the 36-year-old rapper simulating sex with his topless fiancee Kim Kardashian, 33, and it is not a pretty, nor original, sight.

Did West forget that John Legend already pimped out his wife Chrissy Teigen, who bared her breasts in the music video for his single All Of Me?

Who is the copycat now?

In Bound 2, an almost-naked Kardashian straddles a motorbike with West and they gyrate and kiss their way across the country on their raunchy joyride against ridiculous, cheap-looking green-screen visuals of CGI horses, canyons, fluffy white clouds and, erm, shooting stars.

Lyric-wise, the love song seems to be a tribute to his wife-to-be, with the chorus going "Bound to fall in love".

In one scene, the curvy reality TV star perches on the motorbike with her arms in the air, showing off a silhouette of her huge perky bosom in its full glory for West - and the rest of the world.

Entertainment website E! Online even counted that there were 14 such scenes in the five-minute long clip.

Yes, we know the newly-engaged celebrity couple, collectively known as Kimye, are very much in love, with West always more than eager to show off his affection for her.

But really, no one wants to see the pair getting it on in such a cheesy, poorly-produced clip. Especially not their five-month-old daughter North, right?

You would think that Kimye would tone it down after becoming parents. Not going to happen, obviously.

Justifiably so, Twitterverse has exploded with negative comments, with some describing the video as "cringeworthy", "vomit-inducing" and making them "feel sick".

However, the man himself defended his use of nudity, telling host Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where Bound 2 premiered on Tuesday: "I'm not concerned about the profanity or nudity, but more the message behind it.

"(North) is going to be in the real world and hear and see things, so I think she's going to be prepared for them." And be prepared for mummy and daddy's official sex tape disguised as a music video.

Let's not forget that Kardashian became (in)famous only because of that leaked sex tape in 2007 featuring her and then-boyfriend Ray J, so you could say the woman is a pro at such things.

Nobody would be surprised if creating their own version was the actual motivation for the video because for the attention-seeking, publicity-hungry lovebirds, more seems to be better.

There is no doubt that Kardashian is in great shape following her impressive 21kg weight loss after giving birth five months ago.

What better way to get back at those critics who taunted her pregnancy girth than flaunting her hot bod in Bound 2?

Well-played, Kardashian. Only next time, make sure your teeny-weeny waist does not look too obviously photoshopped.

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