'Justice Bao' has operation to remove 10cm brain tumour

Veteran Taiwanese actor Jin Chao-chun has reportedly undergone an operation to remove a 10cm tumour from his brain.

The 65-year-old actor is best-known for his role as Justice Bao in the 1990s TV series.

Sina Entertainment reported that the operation done a few months ago was a success, with the actor recuperating in Shanghai. However, a source close to the actor said he intends to return to Taiwan in the future.

The source added that the surgery has left him with an L-shaped scar on his head, and significant weight loss.

The actor became a household name thanks to his role in the popular TV series.Photo: YouTube screengrab

According to Sina Entertainment, Jin had deliberately put on weight for his role in Justice Bao, but found it hard to shed the extra kilos.

He developed high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as diabetes among other ailments. But under the watchful eye of his wife, a former nurse, he managed to keep his weight under 100kg.

Despite the high-risk operation, the source added that Jin has remained upbeat and positive. The actor is also under a strict diet and wears a breathing apparatus when he sleeps to control his obstructive sleep apnea.

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The actor shot to fame 24 years ago playing the legendary Song Dynasty government official with the signature crescent moon-shaped scar on his forehead.

The role made him a household name among Chinese-speaking audiences and even nabbed him a Golden Bell award - Taiwan's equivalent of the Emmys, for Best Actor.

His popularity enjoyed a resurgence in 2010, when Jin reprised the iconic role for another three seasons.

According to reports, Jin has constructed a studio on China's Qingdao island to continue shooting the series, for which he is the producer.

He had wanted to make his swansong in 2015, with plans to appear as a 'white-haired Justice Bao', but shooting took a backseat due to his illness.