K-pop band VIXX announces Ken's military enlistment date

Ken will be the third member to join the military following his bandmates N and Leo.
PHOTO: Jelly Entertainment

K-pop band VIXX will be seeing its third member enlist into the military this July.

On June 28, a representative from Jellyfish Entertainment announced that VIXX member Ken would be officially enlisting on July 6. "Due to safety reasons, we will not be publicly announcing the location and time of his enlistment, " they stated.

Ken is the third member to join the Korean military following his bandmates, N and Leo, who enlisted in 2019.

The singer also shared the news on the band's Fancafe (a Korean web-forum which idols often use to post updates).

In a handwritten letter, Ken wrote: "When I think of all of you, all I feel is gratitude. As you may have heard, I recently applied to join the military band. Because I passed the exam, I will be leaving to fulfil my duty to protect the nation on July 6.

"I will work hard during my military service while thinking of the moments that gave me strength throughout my time with VIXX. Be well, take care of your health, and stay happy until my return."