K-pop boyband iKon back with 'Return' on Jan 25

PHOTO: YG Entertainment

iKon on Friday heralded its return, as the boy band confirmed the release date for its second full-length album, "Return," for Jan. 25

YG Entertainment on Friday released the first official poster for the new album on its blog yg-life.com, with images of the seven members and the release date.

According to the agency, the title symbolizes the group -- going on its fourth year since its 2015 debut -- reflecting upon how it first started. "(The album) will tell how (iKon) is retaining its passion to achieve their goal through music," the company said.

The K-pop act last year made its mark on the Japanese market, but its promotional efforts in Korea were virtually nonexistent.

"We understand how Korean fans feel. As iKon will lead off this year for YG, the group will focus on promotions in Korea more than ever before," a YG official said.