K-pop fans use Twice memes to make fun of Donald Trump's second impeachment

PHOTO: JYP Entertainment

An unlikely player entered the conversation this week after the second impeachment of United States President Donald Trump on Wednesday: K-pop girl group Twice.

Fans of K-pop, and of Twice in particular, who were in favour of his impeachment had a lot of fun taking to social media to post memes, with one user accumulating more than 100,000 likes for a tweet featuring a picture of the girl group and the caption: “Trump got impeached not once but …”.

This isn’t the first time groups of K-pop fans have countered Trump online: last year, they drowned out racist hashtags against Black Lives Matter protests and also helped sabotage the turnout at the president’s election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by registering for tickets and not showing up.

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Other fan accounts shared similar posts, using images and videos of Twice.

As well as Twice fans, many Korean-American media personalities, including Vulture senior writer E. Alex Jung and filmmaker, actor and former Try Guy Eugene Lee Yang, made witty use of images and clips of the girl group and their songs to emphasise the fact that Trump is the only US president to ever be impeached twice.

Journalists who cover K-pop frequently got in on the fun, including Tássia Assis, who recently spoke to Twice for an interview featured on the Grammys’ Recording Academy website.

Alexis Hodoyán, another music journalist who frequently covers K-pop, shared a distorted image of Trump featuring a glossy pink filter, and tweeted Twice’s catchphrase, altered slightly to reflect the situation.

“One in a million, annyeong haseyo impeached TWICE imnida,” she tweeted, a Romanised version of the group’s intro: “One in a million, hello we are Twice”.

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.