K-pop idol Junsu countersues Korean builders

JYJ member Junsu countersued two construction companies for defamation and making false accusations, his legal representative said Wednesday.

Junsu filed a complaint with Gangnam Police Station against the building firms Monday, the lawyer said in a press release.

The move comes after the companies sued Junsu for alleged fraud in mid-December. They accused the 33-year-old idol of not paying back the money they claimed to have lent him, worth 5 billion won (S$6.2 million).

"Junsu never wrote a promissory note in the process of construction," the lawyer said.

"The construction companies are trying to intentionally defame Junsu."

According to the builders, they lent the money to Junsu on two occasions over the past two years to help him repay bank loans and they secured a promissory note from him to pay them back by September 2015.

They constructed the luxurious Toscana Hotel on Jejudo Island, in which Junsu invested 28.5 billion won.

The 61-room hotel opened in September.

After the news went viral, the idol rebutted the accusation, vowing to take legal action against the firms for embezzling construction expenses.