K-pop idols standing up against crazy fans

Sasaeng fans, otherwise known as fans who are extremely overzealous in stalking K-pop celebrities, are a unique species.

And for some odd reason, they derive immense pleasure from the misery of their favourite idols.

Some of these documented stalking encounters are the stuff of nightmarish, horror tales.

And I'm not referring to fans camping outside their idols' houses or trailing them around in camper vans.

Those antics seem like child's play compared to jaw-dropping, straight-out gross "stunts" - such as 2PM's Taecyeon, who was sent a used sanitary pad and bloodstained letter.

EXO female fans have a history of going to crazy extremes too. A couple of years ago, some girls sported razor short crops to gain access to the male toilet just to catch a glimpse of the boy band.

As much as I try to figure out what drives or motivates sasaengs, I can never get into their heads.

Are they sadists who yearn for nothing more in life than to see their idols constantly cowering in fear?

I'm all for K-pop idols taking a no-nonsense, harsher stance against sasaengs.


Last weekend, Yoseob from boy band Beast posted a firm message on his Twitter account, condemning the behaviour of a sasaeng fan who hacked into his manager's mobile phone to access the private schedules of Beast members.

"This person has been selling (our schedules) and I've heard that people are paying big money to buy it," he wrote.

"If you use such shady ways to see us during our personal travels or private events, I will not be happy to see you, not happy at all.

"I like my fans, but not sasaengs. Fandom is something truly beautiful and honourable, but only if the (idolisation) is done properly."

Yoseob, the sextet's main vocalist, has always been outspoken about the uninvited intrusion of sasaeng fans.

Last month, during a radio interview, he urged sasaengs to ditch their penchant for stalking and take up other self-improvement activities.

"If I were to say something to sasaengs, I would tell them that their own privacy is important and suggest making their own lives more fabulous," said Yoseob.

Beast, one of Cube Entertainment's hottest acts, were in town last Thursday for a fan meet at Suntec Convention Centre.

Thankfully for them, there was no sight of maniacal sasaengs among the 2,000 screaming fans at the event.

Kudos to us Singaporeans for being a sane, rational bunch.

This article was first published on September 30, 2015.
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