K-pop queen Lee Hyori ties the knot

Jazz guitarist Lee Sang Soon, 39, and K-pop singer Lee Hyori, 34, tied the knot on Sunday at their country home on Jeju Island. They have been together since 2011.

SEOUL - Queen of K-pop, Lee Hyori, is now officially off the market as she and long-time boyfriend, jazz guitarist Lee Sang Soon, tied the knot on Sunday.

The wedding was held at their country home on the northern part of Jeju Island and was reported to have been a simple and private affair with only family and close friends in attendance.

Although there had been rumours circulating about a September wedding, the two had made no official public announcements on the exact date they planned to hold the event.

The couple previously stated that both of them mutually decided against holding a wedding ceremony, opting for a quiet, informal dinner in lieu of a big, formal public event.

Hyori, 34, and Lee, 39, have been together since 2011 and announced their engagement in July. Then, the singer and host - who is known for hit song 10 Minutes and recent track, Miss Korea, from her latest album - had announced on Twitter her plans for a quiet wedding.

She wrote: "Ever since a long time ago, I've always wanted to have a small and quiet wedding, and Sang Soon oppa (an affectionate Korean term for older brother) and our families agreed, so we decided to marry without a ceremony... Because it is an important day that I hope would happen only once in my life, I want to spend it (meaningfully) with my oppa and family."

Hyori declined all sponsorship offers for her wedding, according to earlier reports.

The K-pop diva, who is known to be quite the fashionista, was said to have bought her wedding dress in the United States, according to the TV show, One Night Of TV Entertainment.

Over a week ago, she shared a video of Lee's wedding proposal through her personal Twitter account.

The singer was reportedly moved to tears by his proposal, although the couple had already set a date for their wedding.

Lee said in the video: "People usually ask 'are you willing to marry me' during their proposals.

"But we have already set a date for our wedding, so it is meaningless to say that now. We must lead an even happier life than (how) we are doing now."