K-pop Star Hunt 3 finalist: "I don't feel proud to be Singaporean"

SINGAPORE - Controversial K-pop Star Hunt 3 finalist Stephanie Koh from Singapore says she doesn't regret how badly she behaved on the reality talent show.

In one episode where she was asked to surrender her mobile phone, the 21-year-old had infamously said: "I'll attack you, I'll scratch you and I'll kill you".

On the question on whether she regrets her attitude on the show, she said "definitely not." She said she does not find fault in her attitude, but the "way she says things."

She said her mother has told her that she has a "very nice personality" and she is a "very sweet girl", and that her only problem is that she "shoots my mouth off every time."

In defence if why she acted the way she did on the show, she said she was angry the whole time she was in Korea because somebody misled her into believing that she would not have to sing Korean songs.

"So I felt cheated, and I felt lied to. And the whole time I was thinking, why am I still in this competition," she said.

Back for the finals in Singapore, which saw her losing to Taiwanese contestant Andy Su, Stephanie remains unapologetic about her attitude, and fuelled further controversy by declaring that she doesn't feel proud to be Singaporean.

On the topic on viewers expressing the view that her behaviour gives Singapore a bad name, she said she is not bothered about it.

"I wouldn't actually bother about representing this country because to be honest, I don't really feel proud to be a Singaporean," she said.

"Everyone here is so small minded, everyone here is so submissive, everyone here don't know how to think outside the box, no one here is creative, everyone here just thinks the same way, full of the same rules, and it's too rigid for my taste," she told RazorTV.

She said she identifies herself as a Singaporean, but she sees herself as "one of a kind."

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