K-pop star Suzy talks about her life views

Bae Suzy
PHOTO: Instagram/skuukzky

Suzy said in a media interview that she tries to seek a little happiness every day.

The singer-turned-actress, however, had some regrets on not being able to fully enjoy her life as she has focused too hard on her acting and music career goals. "I've only worked hard toward my goals without easing up on myself," she said. "I realised it's more important to find small moments of happiness in life."

Suzy also said acting never gets easy, and that she has to go through short-term growing pains after she finishes each project.

Suzy has been on a tight work schedule since her debut in 2010 as member of K-pop group MissA. The artist and her agency JYP Entertainment are discussing whether or not to renew her contract. Suzy's exclusive contract will expire March 31.