Kate Winslet admits Rose might have 'killed' Jack in Titanic

It has been 19 years since James Cameron's Titanic broke box office records all over the world, but the romantic blockbuster has remained part of the film canon and is considered one of the most heartbreaking films of all time.

In final scenes of the film, the forbidden love affair between Jack and Rose was forced to come to an abrupt end when the poor artist urged her to cling onto a floating door while he clung onto the side. Later, she seems unable to wake him and leaves his body, swimming away in hopes of getting the attention of people on board a nearby lifeboat. The tearjerker scene became one of the most notable scenes in film history, as thousands of fans were touched by Jack's sacrifice for his girlfriend.

But on Tuesday, actress Kate Winslet, who was catapulted to fame after playing Rose in the 1997 flick, admitted to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel that her character might have caused the 'death' of Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

"I agree, I think he could have actually fit on that bit of door," the 40-year-old Golden Globe winner said.

Winslet's confession provides some sort of closure for Titanic fans. Although the film was a critical and commercial success, many have long argued that Rose's act of selfishness at the final moments had cost Jack his life.

It seems that true love is overrated even in movies after all.