'Katy Saunders is so hot': Netizens find Song Joong-ki's wife in old George Clooney ad

Song Joong-ki's wife Katy Louise Saunders acted alongside Hollywood giant George Clooney in a Nespresso ad.
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube

Move over Sherlock Holmes, because K-netizens have put on their sleuth hats.

With heartthrob Song Joong-ki married and expecting a child, naturally K-drama fans are wondering who the elusive Katy Louise Saunders is.

Previously, they found that she was an actress with a daughter from a previous relationship. This time, though, Internet sleuths have discovered one of her acting roles, and her co-star is none other than Hollywood giant George Clooney.

In a Nespresso ad, George is trying to grab one last coffee capsule before a woman comes up to him and butters him up by saying "I've watched all of your films" and "You're so charming, and so sexy" before snatching the capsule.

The next time George makes his coffee in the ad, Katy appears in front of him and asks him: "Are you Mr George Clooney?"

This time, George has learnt his lesson and tells her she must be mistaken.

Since it resurfaced on the online forum The Qoo on Feb 1, South Korean netizens have been reminiscing, with many remembering watching that ad.

Many gushed over her, writing: "She's so pretty and charming to begin with," "She's such a beauty," while one forum user commented: "If she filmed a commercial with George Clooney, then she must have been pretty famous."

"Unnie (older sister), please keep acting!" wrote another netizen.

PHOTO: Screengrab/The Qoo

It's not just K-drama fans who are enamoured with Katy, as there were really old comments on a YouTube reupload of the ad speculating on who she could be.

"Her name is Katy Saunders," a comment from 10 years ago read, while another from 13 years ago read: "Katy Saunders is so hot."

PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube

Last year on Dec 26, Joong-ki's agency confirmed that he was dating a non-celebrity three years after his divorce with actress Song Hye-kyo.

Netizens quickly discovered the woman was 38-year-old Katy Louise Saunders, a British former actress. Rumours spread that they were going to become parents after the pair was spotted at a gynaecology clinic — which Joong-ki confirmed on Jan 30.

According to reports, Katy even accompanied Joong-ki on his trip to Singapore last December, and he introduced her to staff as his girlfriend.

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