Kelly Rowland shuts down interviewer for asking about Beyonce's new music

Kelly Rowland shuts down interviewer for asking about Beyonce's new music
Kelly Rowland shuts down an interviewer asking her about Beyonce's new music.
PHOTO: Instagram/Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland shut down an interviewer for asking her about Beyonce's new music. 

The Destiny's Child singer, 43, who was in the group with her long-time friend, 42, was asked about Beyonce's latest projects during an appearance on The Big Tigger Morning Show with Jazzy McBee while she promoted her new Netflix film Mea Culpa. 

Presenter Big Tigger asked Kelly: "Your sis just dropped a whole new couple of songs, and it's my understanding that Renaissance II may or may not be country-based, and then there's a rumour going around that Renaissance III may be either rock-based or a DC (Destiny's Child) reunion." 

But Kelly curtly replied: "That is her business to talk about." 

Jazzy said: "And I know that you all are tired of answering those questions, but fans like me for the Destiny's Child reunion, and when y'all took that picture, it got me really excited in my feelings, like OK it this really going to happen. We still gotta ask every time we see you." 

Kelly responded: "I know, but just ask them. I'm here talking about Mea Culpa, out Feb 23, and that's what I'm most excited about right now. I think that, that's that." 

Big Tigger smiled at the response and said: "Your matrix game is nice." 

Kelly's radio appearance comes after an alleged row over backstage facilities at the Today that saw her walk off the set moments before she was due to co-host. 

It was reported by Page Six her exit was the result of her not considering her dressing room up to standard. 

Her team are alleged to have asked about another dressing room that was upstairs, but it was occupied by Jennifer Lopez, 54, who was there to promote her new album This Is Me… Now and her accompanying film project The Greatest Love Story Never Told. 

After Kelly left, producers were able to fill her co-hosting role with 33-year-old singer Rita Ora. 

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