KFC's Gong Yoo look-alike is looking for his look-alike bride

KFC’s Gong Yoo look-alike
Facebook/ Eriel Pangan Mendoza

It all started with a photo that went viral and now it's a full-blown contest on social media.

KFC was quick to react to the photo of a young man working for their company who looks exactly like Korean actor Gong Yoo, AKA Kim Shin in Goblin: The Lonely and Great God.

Last Thursday night, they launched a contest on Facebook and it featured their Gong Yoo look-alike posing similarly to the promotional poster of Goblin.

The goal is to look for the look-alike of his bride Ji Eun-Tak, played by Korean actress Kim Go-Eun.

The mechanics are simple. They just need to submit a photo of themselves as look-alikes of Goblin's bride; they can put on makeup and wear costumes to make it more convincing.

The winner will get P5,000 (S$138) worth of KFC gift certificates and of course, a photo-op with their Gong Yoo look-alike.

PHOTO: KFC Philippines 

K-drama fans and even Erial Mendoza, who posted the viral photo, couldn't deal with the resemblance as she captioned photo with, "Natagpuan ko na din si Kim Shin ng 'Goblin,' at nakikita ko ang sword. Ibig ba nitong sabihin ay ako ang bride niya? OMG!!! Hello kuya! Hindi ko nakita yung name niya nakatago kasi. Pero swear, kamukang kamuka ni Gong Yoo!! Hindi ko na kailangan pumunta ng Korea para makita si Gong Yoo!! Eto na nakita ko na siya."

("I finally found Kim Shin from 'Goblin' and I can see the sword. Does this mean that I am his bride? OMG!!! Hello! I couldn't see his name because it's hidden. But I swear, he really looks like Gong Yoo!! I don't have to go to Korea just to see Gong Yoo!! He's here, I already found him.")


Well, ladies. Now's your chance to have a moment with our country's Gong Yoo look-alike, will you be joining?

I feel like Anne Curtis will seeing how she loves Gong Yoo and K-drama.