Kilafaity wants to shed sexy image

MALAYSIA - Actress and singer Kilafairy (above) is wearing less makeup and decent clothes to shed her sexy image.

Kosmo! reported that the 21-year-old artiste has been turning down many job offers in films which required her to dress sexily.

Kilafairy, whose real name is Syakila Nisha Jangir Khan, said that she was trying to change the perception that she was just a "sex symbol".

"I have been in this industry for four years and the sex symbol title has stuck with me. Maybe I would not have any roles that can showcase my talent as an actress, but I believe that it will take time," she said.

On gossip linking her with Indonesian model and actor Hardy Hartono, she said they were just friends.

"We have been close friends for two years now and we are not in love. Whether fate brings us together, we will have to wait and see," she said.