Kim Kardashian caught on camera throwing major side eye at vlogger

Gathering over three million views as of press time, Kim Kardashian's video with YouTube vlogger Jaclyn Hill has gone viral. But not for the reasons you'd first assume.

As part of Kim's clever publicity vehicle, she dipped her hands in the vlogging world via one of its major players: Jaclyn Hill.

For the uninitiated, Jaclyn's following boasts of four million subscribers and has got collabs with Becca Cosmetics and Morphe Cosmetics to boot.

Apparently, Kim caught on the hype as she watched Jaclyn's review of the KKW collab with Kylie Cosmetics.

This video centred on the KKW Beauty Contour and Highlight Sticks.

But instead of viewers watching how Kim and Jaclyn did their makeup using the sticks, it became a shade fest due to the many ways Kim can throw the evil side-eye as Jaclyn kept cutting her.

I'm Kim

Posted by Superficial on Sunday, July 16, 2017

The shade is so real, there have been a few other videos dedicated to outline it.

It's honestly a master class in showing people that you're clearly irritated but still keeping your composure.

From the way Kim didn't look at Jaclyn when she asked her to see how white her concealer is to the way she pursed her lip when she cut her off for the 99th time, we're rolling in laughter.

Jaclyn caught on the hate though by ranting about it on Snapchat. She said she's the "Queen of Obnoxiousness."

Oh, well. I guess this one of those lessons on how not to act in front of celebrities. Or perhaps, another reason why we shouldn't meet our idols. Not that they might disappoint us, but we might just end up irritating the hell out of them.