Is Kim Soo-hyun succumbing to pressure?

Hallyu star Kim Soo-hyun failed to choose a new project for the next year, leaning on the popularity that he gained from his latest drama "My Love from the Star."

"We were offered a lot of scripts, but we turned all of them down because they were not the perfect match for Kim," an official of Kim's agency KEAST told reporters.

The comment comes after Kim dropped two drama offers "Frankenstein" and "The Night Walker," that he originally picked as his next works. Since the launch of "My Love from the Star" in late 2013, the 27-year-old actor has been away from the acting scene. The yearlong hiatus has surprised many critics, as Kim was active both on TV and in movies since his appearance in SBS' "Giant" (2010).

This year, after "My Love from the Star" concluded on Feb. 27, Kim has only had a 60-second cameo appearance in film "Miss Granny."

Critics say Kim is caught under so-called "jackpot pressure," because he has never failed in his previous works. All his five works from 2011-2013 -- "Dream High (2011)," "The Moon Embracing the Sun (2012)," "The Thieves (2012)," "Secretly, Greatly (2013)" and "My Love from the Star (2013)" -- have been tremendous successes, making him a world star in less than two years.

With the actor planning to serve his military duty next year, his next project is likely to be his last until he finishes the two-year compulsory duty. The final performance will be the Kim Soo-hyun that the viewers would remember for at least two years -- hence the pressure.

The endless promotional calls and advertisement deals, both at home and overseas, may be distracting him from the acting scene, according to local ports. But considering the ever-ongoing acting career of another profuse hallyu actor Lee Min-ho, now as successful as Kim Soo-hyun throughout Asian countries, it is hardly convincing that Kim's schedule is too packed with commercials and promotional events.