Kollywood actor waxes lyrical over female role

PETALING JAYA - Kollywood actor Sivakarthikeyan is one step closer to understanding women, or at least he believes so.

In his upcoming movie Remo, Sivakarthikeyan plays the titular character who is a female nurse.

The 31-year-old actor was required to dress as a woman for some 60 per cent of the movie.

"Now I understand why it takes women such a long time to get ready to go anywhere. They have too many things to choose from - earrings, bangles, lipstick. Even I had a difficult time choosing what to wear," he joked at the Remo promotional stop here on Saturday.

He also "threaded" and waxed his facial and body hair every four to six weeks.

"It was a painful experience that I never want to undergo again. I can't believe women do it voluntarily," said Sivakarthikeyan.

The role was a departure from the rough and tumble boy-next-door characters he usually portrays.

"I was hesitant to take this role at first but my friends and family convinced me that it would be a great addition to my portfolio," said the father of one.

The actor is not concerned that his "femininity" in Remo would affect his popularity among fans.

"Remo's official trailer has already reached more than five million views. That shows that my fans, even men, are accepting of my risks. I want to show people that I am a versatile actor and am not above trying new things," he said.

Remo comes hot on the heels of his successful Rajini Murugan, Kaaki Sattai and Maan Karate movies.

Directed by newcomer Bhagyaraj Kannan, Remo premieres in over 200 Lotus Five Star Cinemas screens in Malaysia and Singapore on Oct 7.