Korean actress, 28, dies after being hit by two cars on highway

The victim was later identified by media as actress Han Ji-seong.
PHOTO: Instagram/lovely_shyong

The 28-year-old woman who died after being struck by two cars on a highway Monday was an actress, local media outlets reported Wednesday.

Media cited police saying that the victim killed on Incheon Airport Expressway at 3.52am on Monday was found to be an actress known for her roles in local TV drama series.

Although police did not fully identify the deceased, she was later identified by media as actress Han Ji-seong.

Gimpo Police Station retrieved video footage from the dashcam in the actress's car, showing she had stopped in the middle lane of the Seoul-bound three-way expressway with the emergency lights on, stepped out of the car and moved to the back of the vehicle.

She was then hit by a taxi and SUV in succession.

The actress's husband, who had been sitting in the passenger seat before the collisions, said they had stopped because he needed to relieve himself.

The taxi and SUV driver each have been booked without detention on charges of death resulting from a traffic accident.

Photo: Incheon Fire Department

Police are investigating why the actress had come to a stop in the middle lane instead of pulling over off the side of the road, and why she stepped out of the car in the first place.

They are looking into whether she had been under the influence of alcohol at the time.