Korean actress Do Hee reveals her scary high school love story

'Reply 1994' star Do Hee's high school love story has become a hot topic, making many people laugh out loud.

On January 9, Do Hee appeared on KBS' popular talk show 'Happy Together 3' as one of the guests titled, "Rising Stars of the Year." On that day, the tiny girl revealed that she once went out with a scary, strong boy.

She said, "When I just got into high school boy who was popular for his power and fighting skill came to our school, pointed at me and asked me to be his girlfriend. I didn't want to go out with him, but my friends told me he would beat me if I say no."

"So I said yes, but he broke up with me after three days. He said I was not as cute as he thought I would be. He said I acted like a mom. I really appreciated it," Do Hee continued, giving the hosts and guests a big laughter. (photo captured from KBS 'Happy Together 3')


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