Korean actress Go Hyun-jung dropped from hit TV series amid physical assault claim

PHOTO: Instagram/kohyunjung.id

Actress Go Hyun-jung has officially been dropped from SBS hit drama series "Return."

"Go Hyun-jung has officially left 'Return,'" said Go's management agency IOK Company in a statement released Thursday. It further explained that the actress and the staff could not come to an agreement on decisions concerning the production process.

The broadcaster had notified the veteran actress of its decision to drop her from the Wednesday-Thursday drama series on Wednesday.

"We have decided to accept SBS' notice of departure as it is only right that the person at the centre of controversy should leave for the sake of the drama," IOK Company added.

Reports of disputes on the set surfaced Wednesday with some media publishing unconfirmed reports suggesting Go has been refusing to shoot and had physically assaulted the main producer of the show.

SBS announced later in the day that the production staff has decided to remove Go from the drama. The network is to replace the lead actress.

It was reported Thursday that the network might ban the actress from featuring on shows in the future, but SBS denied this, saying that the ban was never discussed.

The veteran actress took the role of a talented lawyer in the murder-mystery drama, which has been marking high viewership ratings of around 15 per cent.