Korean actress Park Shin-hye opens up about marriage

South Korean actress Park Shin-hye.
PHOTO: Reuters

Actress Park Shin-hye expressed her thoughts on love and marriage in a recent interview with local media.

During the interview, the actress was asked whether she had ever experienced the pain of love.

"Whether people notice or not, maybe I've been experiencing (the pain of love)?" she answered playfully.

"I am also afraid. I've dreamed of getting married in the past, but looking at the people around me, I thought marriage is a very difficult thing," she said.

"I envy them, but (I wonder) whether I will be able to live well with one partner for all my life."

'Happiness is my No. 1 priority': Park Shin-hye

  • Park Shin-hye said happiness is her first priority in a recent interview for the August issue of the Hong Kong edition of fashion and lifestyle magazine Elle.
  • "My first priority is happiness and (a) sense of achievement, not necessarily from the work alone," Park said.
  • The actress with 13 years of experience said she used to be very careful about what she did, worrying what others might think.
  • However, she realised that she was locked up in her own image of a quiet, polite, cautious girl.
  • "Now as I look back, it seems that I didn't really need to be afraid of (others) and I can enjoy my life more freely. I (also) often think maybe I can be more of myself," she said.
  • Park recently finished filming for the upcoming crime-thriller film tentatively titled "Silent Witness."

Park stars in crime film "Heart Blackened" alongside veteran actor Choi Min-sik. The film tells the story of a business tycoon struggling to clear his daughter of murder, the victim of which was his singer fiance. Park plays the daughter's lawyer, Choi Hee-jung.

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