Kwok on being 23 years older than girlfriend: 'I don't look 50 anyway'

Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok has denied that the 23-year age gap between him and girlfriend Moka Fang is a problem, adding that he doesn't look that much older anyway.

Speaking to reporters at an event in Hong Kong, the 50-year-old said that relationships were not about age, but about the two 'souls' involved.

"Age is not a problem, and I don't look (50) anyway," he added.

Chinese media have been referring to Kwok and Fang's relationship as the "father-daughter relationship" since Kwok revealed Fang's identity on Tuesday night.

The singer-actor had posted a photo on his Weibo page which showed his and Fang's hands clasped together tightly.

When asked why he decided to announce the relationship, Kwok said that he felt it was the right time to go public, and also wanted to change the way he handles his relationships.

Kwok is known to be quiet about his personal life, and had famously gone out with model Lynn Hung for seven years but never publicly acknowledged it.

Besides a recent change in mindset, Kwok said he revealed the relationship with Fang as he also hoped to get everyone's blessings.

"I think I am more mature now, and I feel revealing the relationship will not affect me in my work," he said.

Regarding previous reports that he had been seeing Fang secretly for a year, Kwok said that he has only been seeing her "for a very short time" after being introduced by mutual friends. However, he declined to reveal what attracted him to Fang, saying that he wished to maintain some privacy in the matter.

While he did not confirm any plans to marry the 27-year-old model, Kwok said that nobody knows what will happen in the future, and said that he would leave marriage to fate.

Meanwhile, former girlfriend Hung also posted a cryptic photo of two people in matching shoes on her Weibo page on Wednesday. The photo was accompanied by a caption which said: "happiness is right by my side, I wish everyone happiness".

Chinese media said that Hung, who is reportedly dating a divorcee from Hong Kong, could have uploaded the photo in response to Kwok's announcement.

When asked about this, Kwok said he wished happiness upon everyone, adding: "Life is not a battlefield, and there is no need to compete".