Lambert helps Boy Thunder propose

Lambert helps Boy Thunder propose

UNITED STATES - It took five months, but Boy Thunder's proposal is finally complete. The HOT FM91.3 DJ, whose real name is Gerald Koh, finally got his dream girl to say "yes" at Disneyland Paris earlier this week.

But he first popped the question - with the help of US singer Adam Lambert, no less - in March.

When Lambert was in town for a concert, Koh, 28, took the opportunity to get the American Idol runner-up to be part of his proposal plans to Miss Thia Zhixin, a 22-year-old finance executive.

It was fitting, said Koh, because Lambert was the reason the two had met in the first place.

"Back in 2010, my girlfriend didn't know what a 'boy thunder' was," Koh told The New Paper via e-mail from Paris.

"Her friends told her that this guy on radio was giving away autographed Adam Lambert posters. She is a huge Glambert (what Lambert fans call themselves), and she won the poster on my show."

As fate would have it, a mix-up in the delivery of the prize forced Koh to deliver the poster personally to Miss Thia.

"How we started talking on the phone, all of it is quite a blur now," said Koh.

It was a particular moment last year that made him decide he wanted to marry Miss Thia, whom he's been dating for over two years.

"Early last year, when we were in Hong Kong, I was down with a high fever. She nursed me for a full three days, and never complained a single bit for a wasted trip," said Koh.

"That was when I knew I wanted to live my life with her. I started my proposal plans, but I wanted to do it differently."

He certainly did.

Risky move

When Koh was invited to an interview with Lambert in March, he decided he would take the risk and ask the singer to hold up a sign reading, "Hello Zhixin Geralyn (her English name), say yes to Gerald".

In smaller font, Koh had added the words, "He is a good catch".

The stunt worked.

Miss Thia said via e-mail: "Adam Lambert is an idol whom I look up to a lot. I felt extra special when he helped Gerald out with a very sweet picture. He told me not to say yes until I was proposed to properly with a ring. So I waited."

The second part of the proposal happened earlier this week, when Koh whisked her off to Paris for a holiday, telling her that the unplanned trip was due to the fact that flights were "cheap".

"They were not cheap. Flights to Paris are never cheap!" said Koh.

But he knew the proposal had to be at a Disneyland park, because both are big Disney fans.

"We've been to nearly every Disney theme park in the world but I thought the one in the city of love would be most appropriate," he said.

The proposal was done in front of Rapunzel's castle, while I See The Light, the theme from the animated film Tangled, played and images from the film were flashed on the castle walls.

"I was caught off-guard because it was really dark," said Miss Thia. "I remember him telling me to stop snapping pictures because there was something special to look out for during the fireworks. Then he went down on one knee and out came a ring! The moment was very special. I said 'yes'."

The popular jock also roped his listeners in on the action, getting them to tweet a special hashtag - #ZhixinSayYesToBoythunder - that trended here.

The couple have not set a date for their wedding, as they are still waiting for their flat.


"We're still waiting impatiently to be balloted under the BTO (build-to-order) scheme," said Koh. "The wedding should be around the time when we get the keys to our home."

Said Miss Thia: "We plan to slow down on the vacations and list down what we want for our future house. I plan to learn different recipes and feed the boy who is forever hungry."

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