Last movie together

Horror flick Baby Blues, starring one of Hong Kong's most-watched celebrity couples, Raymond Lam and Karena Ng, will hit local cinemas this week.

It is only the second time they have appeared together on the big screen.

However, take it from the horse's mouth that it could very well be their last movie together.

Baby Blues opens here on Thursday.

In a phone interview from Hong Kong with local media Monday afternoon, Lam, 33, stressed in Mandarin that he saw "no need" to act opposite his girlfriend in the future.

"Our intention was always to stay low-key, but some media love making our relationship the centre of attention, inadvertently making us high-profile," said the Xiamen-born actor with a tinge of exasperation in his voice.

Baby Blues, which fashions itself as Hong Kong's version of the Hollywood horror franchise Child's Play, tells the mayhem that ensues after music producer Ye Hao (Lam) and wife Tian Qing (Sheng Jun) move into a house and decide to keep a creepy-looking doll left behind by the previous owners.

Ng, 20, plays Tian Qing's feisty younger sister.

Lam and Ng became an item after starring in last October's ensemble romantic comedy Love Is... Pyjamas.

Ever since the TVB hunk publicly admitted that they were dating, Hong Kong paparazzi have been hot on their trail, photographing them on holiday in Europe, he rubbing her tummy (which sparked false pregnancy rumours), and how she once pushed his buttons by insisting on choosing a male masseuse during their joint trip to the spa.

While Lam was firmly against doing more movies with his real-life girlfriend, he doesn't mind taking on commercial engagements with her.

"I think that's okay. Of course, for us to appear (together at a commercial event), it really depends on how much those companies are willing to pay us," he said.

Throughout the interview, Lam, whose father is Mr Lam Wah Kok, a prominent property developer and real estate investor known as "Xiamen's Lee Ka Shing", cleverly deflected most questions about his relationship.

When asked if Ng was worried about his niggling injury - he hurt his left toe on the set of Baby Blues and still can't bend it - he replied in a nonchalant tone: "Nah, this is a small injury, it's not a big deal."

Ray's past loves

Before Karena Ng, there were a bevy of actresses linked to Raymond Lam...


Lee and Lam got acquainted when they starred together in the 2001 romance flick Stolen Love. Their brief relationship was not confirmed until last December, when Lee appeared on Hong Kong cable talkshow Star Guestroom and likened her time as Lam’s girlfriend to “a dream-like fairy tale”.


This actress and Lam were once the most-loved TVB on-screen couple, due to their memorable roles in period dramas Eternal Happiness (2002) and Lofty Waters Verdant Bow (2003). They reportedly had a “one-night rendezvous at a nightclub” in 2008. However, it was denied by both parties.


Pan, who got close to Lam in 2011, went from relatively unknown to tabloid star after bedroom photos of her and Lam were leaked. The buxom star accused him of cheating on her with other women. At least three, by her count.


Chan, a wing chun exponent, was singled out as one of the third parties who came between Lam and Pan. Some Hong Kong media, however, have slammed Chan for “drumming up” the story. Chan made further headlines that year when she was groped and kissed by two male co-stars, Benny Chan and Joe Ma.

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