Lee Hom called a bully after returning wedding biscuits

Wang Lee Hom was labelled a bully by a bakery in Taiwan after the newly-wed Mandopop singer returned the wedding biscuits he pre-ordered following allegations that the shop had used him to seek publicity.

Wang, whose sudden marriage to Columbia University postgraduate student Lee Jinglei had shocked his fans, apparently ordered the biscuits through his manager.

He had wanted to distribute them to his loved ones, China Press reported.

Earlier, he had given photographs of himself and his wife to the shop so that their images could be featured on the packaging of the biscuits.

However, the pictures were later leaked to the press. This upset the 37-year-old Wang, who is known to be guarded about his private life.

So he decided to return all the biscuits to the bakery, which then lodged a police report and called Wang a bully for his "shocking" behaviour.

Wang retaliated by accusing the shop owner of "twisting the truth".

Lee, who is reportedly a good cook, decided to bake biscuits herself as a gift to their loved ones.