Lee Hyori gets ready to regain spotlight

PHOTO: Instagram/Lee Hyori

K-pop diva Lee Hyori is getting ready to showcase her talent again in the entertainment sector after a long break.

She had drifted away from the spotlight since her marriage with Lee Sang-soon in 2013. Not only did she stop appearing on television and releasing music, but she also quit social media in 2015, where she used to share her life in Jeju Island.

Photo: The Korea Herald 
Photo: The Korea Herald

Earlier this month, her management company hinted at the return of the artist, saying Lee has started recording for her album, though the exact release date has not been settled. Since then, Lee has been increasing her public activities.

Lee released her music video on Tuesday for the upcoming film "Snowy Road," which is set to hit theatres on March 1.

A track titled "Don't Forget Me," which was originally on a collaborative album "Tell Us Your Story 2" in 2013, was edited with the scenes from the movie in the music video.

Lee also attended New York Fashion Week and then joined a photoshoot for fashion magazine Elle Korea.