Lee Min-ho fans pitch in for charity

Overseas fans of actor Lee Min-ho have pitched in for a good cause, Lee's agency Starhaus Entertainment said Friday.

"We received a thank you letter from an NGO building libraries in Paraguay after Lee's fans donated money for securing 2,000 children's books," the agency said.

This is not the first time overseas fans of the Korean actor have made headlines for donating to a good cause.

In January, the Chilean fan club donated $1,700 (S$2300) to the humanitarian organisation Patagonia Compassion on behalf of the Korean actor, it was revealed Thursday.

Patagonia Compassion, which works in Africa, will use the donation to fund its project building a boarding school for children who are homeless or are infected with HIV in Kenya's Makueni region.

At the time, fan club member Maria Jose Sanchez told a local news agency in an email that they are inspired by Lee to do charitable work.

In addition, Minoz Chile has raised funds to plant several hundred trees to form the "Lee Min-ho forest" in Chile's Patagonia region that was hit by a major forest fire in 2011.

Lee's fans in China have also been lending a hand with charitable work, including volunteering in disaster stricken areas and fundraising for establishing libraries in impoverished areas.

The work done by his fans reflect the effort the actor has put in to help those in need.

In collaboration with his fans, Lee launched the charitable foundation Promiz, which collects donations under a different theme every year.