Lee Min-ho misses chance to show off muscles

Lee Min-ho was to reveal his well-toned body in the new film "Gangnam 1970" but the scene was edited out, the actor said in an interview with a local daily on Thursday.

Lee said that he shot an intimate scene with actress Kim Ji-soo, but it was edited out.

"In the scene Jong-dae (his character) is smoking topless while sitting on the bed after making love to Sung-hee (Kim).

I am sorry that it was cut after working so hard on the torso just for that scene," he said jokingly.

In the movie, which jumped to the top of the box office on its first day in Korea, Lee plays a gangster who wants to break out of poverty as Seoul goes through rapid development in the 1970s.

Kim Ji-soo plays the part of a real estate investor.

About the movie in general, Lee said that he chose the project as he felt that the movie had a serious message and that he had to squeeze in martial arts training into his busy schedule for the extensive action scenes.

According to the cast and staff of the movie, one scene about a large brawl in a field of mud took a week to complete.

"I wanted to start preparing for the action scene immediately after the drama 'The Heirs," but my overseas schedule prevented me from doing so," Lee told the daily.

Lee also revealed that more interaction between his character and that of Kim Seol-hyun of girl group AOA, who plays his stepsister, will be seen in the version released in China.