Leonardo DiCaprio gets new beetle named after him

Leonardo DiCaprio accepts the Oscar for Best Actor for the movie "The Revenant" at the 88th Academy Awards in Hollywood
PHOTO: Reuters

A group of eco-tourists recently discovered a new species of beetle in the Maliau Basin in Borneo. Participants of Taxon Expeditions, a new initiative that combines real scientific research with adventure travel, discovered the beetle with the assistance of experts in rainforest biology, and named the species Grouvellinus leonardodicaprioi after the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Taxon Expeditions said in a YouTube video that newly discovered animal species were sometimes named after celebrities and their trademark looks.

"That's how we got the Jennifer Lopez water mites (Litarachna lopezae) or the David Bowie spider (Heteropoda davidbowie)," the video's subtitles read.

However, in DiCaprio's case, the animal was given his name because of the work he does for the environment. A well-known environmentalist, DiCaprio established The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, dedicated to supporting various biodiversity preservation projects.

Furthermore, Taxon Expeditions wrote on their website that the tribute to the actor marked the 20th anniversary of DiCaprio's foundation.

"Black and tiny, the new beetle may not win any Oscars for its looks. But in conservation, even the smallest creatures count," concluded the expedition organizer in the video.

DiCaprio responded to the tribute by adding a photo of the beetle to his profile picture on Facebook.

Grouvellinus leonardodicaprioi Photo Credit: Taxon Expeditions / Hendrik Freitag

Posted by Leonardo DiCaprio onĀ Tuesday, May 1, 2018