Li-Lin's back with art performance

SINGAPORE - Home-grown fitness personality Wong Li-Lin has come home.

After two years in Shanghai, the former actress returned to Singapore a few months ago. The relocation follows her divorce from Chinese-American actor-host Allan Wu after almost 10 years of marriage.

News of the couple's split broke in June. My Paper understands that Wong, 40, has moved back to Singapore with their two children.

Now, she's keeping busy, and not just with her company Loopz Fitness, either.

In her first media appearance since her return, Wong is trying her hand at performance art - she has teamed up with home-grown actress Elizabeth Lazan for the Asian premiere of Future/Perfect today. The performance-cum-installation made its debut at the Venice Biennale in May, and featured actress Milla Jovovich.

Wong, who previously starred in TV dramas like Masters Of The Sea and Triple Nine, said the performance will give the audience "a slice of my life".

She will be housed in a glass cube at the Raffles Arcade Courtyard at the Raffles Hotel for two hours, where her only mode of contact with the outside world will be through a smartphone, a laptop and a tablet. She will communicate with the audience in the courtyard or elsewhere through social media, and engage in activities, like practising pilates.

Show producer Lazan, 30, said: "It is a social experiment, so there's a lot of improvising involved. The idea of a failure to connect is a big deal. We are connecting, but we aren't really speaking to each other."

The New York-based actress added that Future/Perfect aims to illustrate the new dynamics in which society exists online. She hopes the performance will make people question their existing landscape, such as how one's intimate behaviour and actions are no longer considered of a private nature with the proliferation of social media.

That's something Wong knows all too well as a public figure. However, she said that social media has given celebrities a voice, so they are not bound just by what is written about them. She said: "(Social media) has levelled the playing field. That is, if you have the energy to participate."

Wong Li-Lin will perform at the Raffles Arcade Courtyard today from 7pm to 9pm. The installation will be open for public viewing from Wednesday to Friday.

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