LimPeh video is 'Gangster' hit

Local rapper Shigga Shay (above) has released a youtube video of his latest multi-lingual rap, which is packed with Hokkien vocabulary like "limpeh", "za bor" and "bang pui".

SINGAPORE - Parents, don't be surprised if your teens start spouting the catchphrase "Limpeh" - a Hokkien term that translates to "my father" - more often than usual.

With the release of local rapper Shigga Shay's latest multi-lingual, multi-dialect hit single LimPeh and its accompanying music video, we foresee "limpeh" and Hokkien words such as "kopi siu dai" (coffee with less sugar), "za bor" (girls) and "bang pui" (fart) rocketing in popularity among youngsters.

Less than a week since its release, the video has garnered nearly 150,000 views on YouTube.

Styled like a satirical spoof of Hong Kong's classic gangster flicks, it features Shigga Shay, co-rapper and Ah Boys To Men star Tosh Zhang and their merry gang of homies with a collective penchant for retro-inspired fashion (read: floral print shirts, white singlets and slicked back hair) strutting down alleyways with faux swagger and challenging their "enemies" to a fight.

Their garang (Malay for enthusiastic) facade soon gives way to over-the-top hilarity and that's when the video truly comes alive.

An almost-fist fight between grown men becomes a squealfest involving Shigga Shay, Zhang and guest star Wang Weiliang - who also acted in the local hit movie Ah Boys To Men - whipping out their plastic water guns. Boys will be boys.

0:06: I'm digging the comic book tone at the start of the video. It reminds me of Hong Kong's Young And Dangerous movies of the 1990s.

1:09: You'd expect cigarettes and lighters at a dinner, as with all gangster flicks. But no, Shigga Shay fishes out his bubbleblowing toy and proceeds to blow bubbles in his mates' faces.

2:44: Chaos ensues when the "gangsters", instead of landing blows on each other, start pulling ears and pinching nipples.

3:00: The squirting fest starts now! Real guns are illegal in Singapore, you know.