Linda Chung's husband wants 4 kids: 'I will co-operate'

Linda Chung's surprise wedding to her chiropractor husband Jeremy Leung has got the entertainment world buzzing.

They held a lavish wedding in Vancouver last week and revealed that they knew on their fourth day together that they wanted to get married.

Pregnancy rumours have been circulating and Linda has neither confirmed or denied it.

According to, she said:

"In Chinese custom, it's best not to talk much about the baby. Some things are better not to be said. I will announce at an appropriate time."

She also revealed that she wanted to have four kids.

"We have to find time to meet after marriage, but I will not quit the showbiz. As for reducing my workload, you all would be able to tell as I want to have four kids. Are you shocked? I didn't say this, it's my husband, but I will co-operate."

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