Little Miss Dangerous in We're The Millers

People have this weird idea that petite girls are sweet and innocent.

Obviously, they've never spent much time around these dangerous creatures.

Having dated my share of small gals, one of whom I ended up marrying, I can assure you they're totally cray-cray!

One good example of an adorable little woman who's in fact bonkers is Emma Roberts.

The 22-year-old stars in the new hit comedy We're The Millers, which opens in theatres here today.

It's the story of a small-time drug dealer, David (Jason Sudeikis), who's forced to smuggle a huge shipment of marijuana into the US.

In order to get past customs officials, he disguises himself as a suburban dad, and hires a group of losers to act as his family - stripper Rose (Jennifer Aniston) as his wife, nerd Kenny (Will Poulter) as his son and street kid Casey (Roberts) as his daughter.

Roberts is alarmingly believable as a tough and trampy punk.

It certainly seems a more natural fit than her squeaky-clean Nancy Drew character.

Based on extensive Wikipedia research and his own deep personal knowledge of terrifying short chicks, Jason Johnson exposes the ostensibly wholesome Roberts for the wild child she really is.

Too believable as a brat

Some actors are so believable in their roles that you can't help but feel they're playing themselves.

Roberts may have grown up a child of privilege - her father is actor Eric Roberts and her aunt is Julia Roberts - but she seems completely at home playing the fast-living street kid Casey.

The snotty attitude, the sass-talking, the eyerolling, the empty headedness, the boy craziness, the complete self-absorption - it all seems to come too easily to Miss Roberts.

She convincingly played another complete brat in Wild Child (2008), and it's interesting to note that she was originally cast in the racy Spring Breakers (2012) before leaving due to "creative differences".

She would have been great as a bikini-clad hellion! Anything in a bikini would be fine, actually.

Too believable as a serial killer

The first time audiences got a sense that there is more to Roberts than meets the eye was during her performance in Scream 4 (2011).

She plays the niece of the franchise's long-time star Neve Campbell, and for most of the film we fear for her life.

(Spoiler Alert!)

Then it's revealed that Roberts herself is in fact the ghost-face killer!


Out of all the young actresses in the film, why did director Wes Craven choose her as the villain?

Because she looks like a stone killer, yo!

Roberts continues with the scary stuff in the upcoming third season of American Horror Story, playing a "young and sexy Hollywood-actress type" who's attending a witch school.

She bit a dude

Small creatures have to be fierce to survive in this perilous, pitiless world.

Just look at the Tasmanian devil, the honey badger, or the Emma Roberts.

While she seems as harmless as a gladiolus, she was actually arrested two months ago on charges of domestic abuse!

On July 7, guests at a Montreal hotel called police to report a fight between Roberts and her actor boyfriend Evan Peters (also of American Horror Story).

When the boys in blue arrived, they found Peters "battered, bloodied and bitten", according to the New York Post.

Roberts' pretty little butt was hauled to jail, and she wasn't released for several hours.

Fortunately, Peters declined to press charges.

Loads of tittle-tattle

Roberts may not be splashed across the tabloids like Lindsay Lohan, but word of her hijinks has been getting out.

There was apparently an embarrassing scene at a New York bakery where she tried to cut a long queue in order to snag a cronut.

How dare she!

There have also been reports that she's a big party girl, hitting the clubs night after night with her "party posse".

Though she doesn't much resemble her hellraising father Eric, perhaps she's inherited his penchant for getting into trouble.

He struggles with drug addiction and has had his own scrapes with the law.

"I'm sure everyone can say this, but a lot of people perceive me different from how I actually am," she recently told Nylon Magazine.

That would appear to be an understatement.

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