Liu Lingling, 50, gives birth, child's father unknown.

SINGAPORE - Last Wednesday, veteran local getai singer Liu Lingling gave birth to a 3.8 kg baby boy via caesarean section. She has declined to disclose the identity of her child's father.

In a My Paper report, Liu revealed that she underwent artificial insemination twice, suffered a miscarriage in 2011, and successfully gave birth to a baby boy on her second try. She spent half her life savings on fertility procedures, an estimated S$100,000.

Unsure of the outcome of her second pregnancy, Liu kept it under wraps because she didn't want her family to worry. Her usual buxom figure also made it difficult for others to detect her pregnancy.

Liu's pregnancy only came to light upon an emergency admission to the hospital on September 26 as she missed attending the Getai Awards jointly organised by Lianhe Wanbao and Shin Min Daily.