Local K-pop fans tumble while fighting playfully during musical chairs contest at fan meet

It's not every day that a member of your favourite K-pop boy band helps you off the floor.

Miss Rae Lim, a 19-year-old student, fell off the seat that she and Got7's Youngjae, 19, were rushing for during a game of musical chairs on Sunday night at their ticketed fan meet at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre.

Fellow member Junior, 22, gallantly helped her up and made Youngjae give up his seat to Miss Lim, who finished as one of the winners of the game.

During the playful fighting between the seven fans and seven members, the boys exclaimed, "I'm sorry Singapore" whenever they accidentally bumped into the girls or pushed them down.

"I was so nervous being around them," Miss Lim told The New Paper after the show. "But I did say hi to (Thai member) BamBam and commented on him being really tall, and he said that he's a man so he must be taller than a girl. He was really friendly."

The septet's two-hour gig - with tickets priced at $188 and $238 - capped off the three-day SGKstar 2015 festival.

The extravaganza kicked off with K-pop boy band BtoB's fan meet last Friday, followed by rookie rock band Day6's fan meet on Saturday and Sistar and Monsta X's combined fan meet on Sunday afternoon.

The Sistar-Monsta X and Got7 fan meets attracted a crowd of 3,000.


It was Got7's second time in Singapore this year, following a previous fan meet in April, where fans celebrated BamBam's 18th birthday in advance.

When asked if they missed their local fans, he took the microphone and said: "Singapore fans (are) really cute, really beautiful and sexy."

It sent their fans into a frenzy.

"Not just the girls," Hong Kong member Jackson, 21, added. "The guys are hot too! Especially the one in the rider jacket," he said, pointing to a male fan in the front row.

The group also comprises American-Taiwanese Mark, 22, and Korean members JB, 21, and Yugyeom, 18.

The fan meet also saw Got7 performing hit songs like Stop Stop It, Girls Girls Girls and A, and two game segments, including the musical chairs.

The other one featured 14 fans playing charades with the group, who had to guess bizarre phrases like "shopping in boxers during winter", which led to hysterical laughter among the crowd over some of the boys' cheeky gestures.

The winners of the games walked away with autographed posters and pictures taken with the group.

One of the musical chairs participants, 24-year-old air stewardess Nur Hazirah, said: "During the Hi-Touch part at the end (of the show, where fans get to high-five the group members), BamBam recognised me as the one who 'stole' his chair during the game. I am just crazy happy now."

This article was first published on Dec 8, 2015.
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