The lost boy

Last week, I was talking about the upcoming Peter Pan movie on my Kiss92 radio show, Maddy, Jason And Arnold In The Morning.

I said that if Zac Efron doesn't play the titular character, then the world doesn't make sense to me.

My co-host Arnold Gay replied: "What about Justin Bieber?"

It blew my mind.

As much I'd love to see Efron play Pan, Bieber is actually a much better choice.

I hate it when someone bests me in armchair movie casting! Curse you, Arnie!

It's actually hard to imagine anyone more perfect to play the mischievous imp than the Biebs.

He looks like an elf.

The chicks - millions of little Wendys - love him.

He hangs with a posse of lost boys.

Also, he absolutely refuses to grow up!

Bieber has been in the news for all the wrong reasons over the past year, and just over the last couple of weeks, he's had two run-ins with the police.

Just a couple of weeks ago, he was accused of throwing eggs at a neighbour's house.

The 19-year-old could actually face felony vandalism charges for the offence.

Things got even worse for him last week, when he was arrested in Miami on charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with an expired licence.

You would think that Bieber would be at least a little freaked out over getting hauled to jail by the cops.


His mugshot, perhaps the cutest mugshot in the history of law enforcement, shows a boy with perfect hair, bright eyes and a radiant smile.

Give him a pair of pointy ears and a little green cap, and he'd be the very image of Peter Pan.

A lot of media pundits have enjoyed tut-tutting Bieber since he began his supposed decline, but I've been rooting for him.


Here is a kid who is taking full advantage of his youth.

He could have been just another kid freezing his butt off in Canada, living with his mum, working at Dairy Queen and studying at the local community college.

Instead, he's turned his life into an adventure filled with romance and even a little danger.

He could have hunkered down and re-evaluated his behaviour after spending a night in jail. Instead, he headed to Panama to go parasailing with his model friend Chantel Jeffries, who resembles a VERY naughty Tinker Bell.

I can't even imagine how exhilarating it must feel to be living his life right now. He really is flying.

As long as this idiot doesn't kill someone with his Lamborghini, I'm all for him.

As Pan creator JM Barrie might say: He's youth. He's joy. He's a little bird that has broken out of the egg.

Hate on the Biebs all you want, but this impish kid is a credit to his youth

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