Loud release: Secret Garden by A Pink

SINGAPORE - Music Review


When singer-actress Eun-ji, a member of South Korean girl group A Pink, skyrocketed to fame with her role in idol drama Reply 1997 last year, many fans of the sextet were left wondering if A Pink would ever make a return to the music scene.

Fourteen months later (an eternity in K-pop land), A Pink are finally back with a brand new EP, Secret Garden.

There's nothing new about these five tracks that would make diehard supporters of Girls' Generation and 2NE1 switch camps.

However, if you're an A Pink loyalist, this album is pleasing enough to the ears.

NoNoNo - yes, it's deliberately spelt like that - is cute and groovy with a retro 80s vibe, while ballad Secret Garden gives the gals a chance to hit the high notes and play around with harmonisation.

With A Pink back in the fray, second-tier K-pop girl groups Sistar, Secret and Kara should stay on their toes to remain competitive.

Format: CD, digital

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