Malaysian actor Afiq making amends with his mum?

A photograph showing actress Eina Azman and actor Afiq Muiz with a woman raised the question if Afiq had mended his ties with his mother, Berita Harian's HIP reported.

The photo, which was uploaded on Afiq's Instagram, showed the actors with a woman wearing a black tudung.

In May, the media highlighted the strained relationship between Afiq and his mother Hasliza Mohd when she claimed her son had changed when he became well-known in the acting industry.

Afiq was not quiet about the whole incident, heating up the situation.

HIP could not contact the actor and tried to call his friend Eina, who is rumoured to be in a romantic relationship with him.

According to the Bangkitnya Seorang Wanita actress, the woman in the picture was not Afiq's mother but her own grandmother.

She said as soon as the picture was uploaded, many thought the woman was Afiq's mother.

"Actually she is my grandmother. On the first day of Hari Raya, we went to my grandmother's house in Damansara after visiting Afiq's grandmother in Keramat."

She said she hoped their close relationship would not be misinterpreted.

Asked if Afiq had told her of his intention to visit Hasliza, Eina said she did not want to get involved in Afiq's family matters.