Malaysian businessman filmed Indian actress in the nude

There are victims who have been blackmailed and forced to pay a huge sum of money after posing nude via social camera during online chats.

INDIA - South Indian actress Radha, 29, has reported to Chennai police that a Malaysian businessman had reneged on his promise to marry her after they had lived together for five years, Tamil Nesan reported.

The actress, who had starred in various Tamil and Telugu movies, including Sundra Travels and Adavadi, said the man, who she named as Faizul, had also filmed her in the nude and threatened to make the recordings public when she demanded for some money he had borrowed from her.

Radha said when she first met the man in 2008, he introduced himself as Syam, a diamond trader and film producer. He promised her roles in Tamil movies and took money from her.

She said that they developed a relationship and moved in together after he promised to marry her. She said he claimed he had suffered losses in his business and took more money from her. After they began living together, Faizul started filming her in intimate positions. He got furious when she asked him to stop.

She said it was only recently that she learned that the man she knew as Syam has an ex-wife and is currently facing a divorce petition in a Madurai court. She also found out his real name is Faizul.