Malaysian comedian dispels co-habitation rumours

Malaysian actor Zizan Razak (in white), who won the Best Hero Award, performing during the Blockbuster Awards 2013 at Johor's MBJB Indoor Stadium on 15 June 2013.

MALAYSIA - Comedian Zizan Razak has dispelled allegations that he and his actress girlfriend Emma Maembong are living together, describing such talk as preposterous.

In an interview with Kosmo!, he said he could not understand why there was such negative talk about their relationship.

Zizan said he was surprised with a portal which quoted his neighbour as saying that he and Emma were co-habitating.

"I know my neighbour and we are friendly. I don't think my neighbour would do such a thing. I admit that Emma has come to my house but this happens only when my mother and brother are around. It is impossible for her to come by when no one is around. We do no such thing (live together) because the public knows us," he said.

Emma said her family was not surprised (by the news) as she is home most of the time. "I go over to his place when we want to go to a function together but not to hang out there."

> A man is in a coma, fighting for his life, after a group of people attacked him over what is said to be jealousy over a woman the victim was dating.

Ahmadi Zuhori Yahya, 28, is in the intensive care unit at Kajang Hospital after he was attacked while having a meal with the woman at a restaurant in Taman Impian Ehsan on Friday night, according to Harian Metro.

The victim's brother, Mohd Iskandar Sufianshah, said his sibling had informed their mother of his intention to get engaged with the woman.

However, the family was surprised that the woman had not turned up to visit Ahmadi even though he has been in coma for two days.

"From the little that we know, my brother was attacked because a jealous man claimed that he is her husband.

"We are at wit's end and hope she will come forward to explain the situation."