Malaysian K-pop artiste HyunMin-A denies plastic surgery allegations

Malaysian K-pop artiste HyunMin-A denies plastic surgery allegations

Amid rumours that K-pop artiste HyunMin-A has undergone plastic surgery, his management company has denied the allegations.

Blessync Media admitted, though, that the idea of plastic surgery was recommended initially when HyunMin-A, previously better known as Ajieb Rosdi, signed the contract last year.

The rookie, who started his career in Malaysia, has since relocated to South Korea. He has been based there for almost a year now.

However, after examining the culture and religious beliefs held by HyunMin-A and his fans in Malaysia, Blessync Media "agreed not to push HyunMin to undergo plastic surgery", it said in a statement to media on Wednesday.

However, because of the changes in Hyunmin-A's appearance, there are still a cloud of doubt hanging over the issue. Blake Shin, CEO of Blessync Media, has revealed that it is actually the vitamin supplement that the entertainer had been taking that has caused differences in his skin.

Blessync Media believes his face is looking "smoother and paler". "I don't know if there's actually a direct correlation but surely Hyunmin-A's now looking more like a Korean K-pop artist, which is a change we were hoping for," said Blake Shin.

Hyunmin-A has been consuming a supplement which contains Bokbunja or Black Raspberry active ingredients.

Citing that alot of his friends do not believe his real age, HyunMin-A said the product is a factor that makes him look younger.

HyunMin-A has since been appointed brand ambassador for the Black Raspberry Chewable Vitamin C in Korea, Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

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